Welcome Back Box
MoonShadow Helmet Yellow Male
MoonShadow Armor Yellow Male
MoonShadow Pants Yellow Male
MoonShadow Boots Yellow Male
MoonShadow Helmet Yellow Female
MoonShadow Armor Yellow Female
MoonShadow Pants Yellow Female
MoonShadow Boots Yellow Female
Summer Surprise Box 2023
T6 Sub Aidia
T6 Sub Aidia Summon Stone
T6 Sub Bulkan
T6 Sub Kailipton
T6 Sub Hybrider
T6 Sub Human
T6 Sub Perom
T6 Wand Charger
T6 Rocket Set
T6 Stone Refiner
T6 Part Battery (90)
T6 Flute Cleaner
T6 Grindstone
T6 Sub Aidia Recipe
T6 Sub Bulkan Recipe
T6 Sub Kailipton Recipe
T6 Sub Hybrider Recipe
T6 Sub Human Recipe
T6 Sub Perom Recipe
Skill Documents Tier6
Northern Kingfish
Sea Bass
Banded Killifish
Red Mullet
Stone of the Fisherman
Stone of the Farmer
Green Feather
Stone of the Hunter
Cubicle of Guard
Cubicle of Magic
Cubicle of Flight
Cubicle of Life
Cubicle of Wisdom
Cubicle of Feather
1100 Meta Stone
1100 Meta Scroll
Pack of Blessed Spirits
Pack of Blessed Spirits Recipe
LHGN01 Anniversary Box 2023
Surprise Anniversary Box 2023
RareOption Success Booster 10%
RareOption Success Booster 25%
RareOption Success Booster 30%
RareOption Success Booster 50%
Magnification Glass
RareOption Success Booster 99%
Laghaim Boss Pass
[Rare]Holy Paladin Helm
[Rare]Holy Paladin Armor
[Rare]Holy Paladin Pants
[Rare]Holy Paladin Boots
[Rare]Holy Paladin Wings
[Rare]Holy Paladin Halo Necklace
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Hat
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Top
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Bottoms
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Shoes
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Wings
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Halo Necklace
[Rare]Assassins Helm
[Rare]Assassins Armor
[Rare]Assassins Pants
[Rare]Assassins Boots
[Rare]Assassins Wings
[Rare]Assassins Halo Necklace
[Rare]Battle Nun Veil
[Rare]Battle Nun Top
[Rare]Battle Nun Skirt
[Rare]Battle Nun Boots
[Rare]Battle Nuns Gauntlets
[Rare]Battle Nuns Halo Necklace
[Rare] Fancy Upgrade Gem
[Rare] Fancy Upgrade Booster 40%
[Rare] Fancy Upgrade Booster 60%
Amazing Wing
FeatherGreat Wing
Christmas Reward Box 2023
Christmas Surprise Box 2023


Name Level
Lost Spirit of the Titan 1100
Silent Spirit of the Knight 1100
Roaming Spirit of the Archer 1100
Destructive Spirit of the Mage 1100
Hovering Spirit of the Rogue 1100
Raging Spirit of the Sorcerer 1100
Ranger Quanian 1003
Poacher Quanian 1007
Archmage Quanian 1011
Flail Golem 1015
Red-Eye Golem 1020
Cruel Nail Golem 1024
Bloody Nail Golem 1028
Degraded Golien Commander 1032
Cursed Harpy Wing 1036
Degraded Goblin Commander 1041
Shaman Oranthes 1045
Swamp Spider 1049
Parched Soul 1053
Floating Soul 1057
Suffering Soul 1062
Terra 1066
Graceful Terra 1070
Popenian 1074
Dirty Popenian 1078
Wicked Popenian 1083
Tyloy 1087
Small Elephant Sluggard 1091
Brave Tyloy 1095
Crazy tyloy 1099
Juno Teleporter
Meta 1100 Forge
T6 Hitlist
[World Boss] Tauti Angel Fighter 1100
Secret Option Identifyer
[Big Boss] Voidhound 9999
[Rare] Fancy Upgrader
MegaGem Combiner
Laghaim Boss Teleporter


Name Race Level
No skills found


Name Level
Juno Quest 8/8 900 - 9999


Name Level
Fishing 999 - 9999
Farming 999 - 9999
Hunting 999 - 9999


Name Level
Juno V2 999