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  • Level
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Damage Reduce
  • Evasion
  • Lime
  • Exp
  • Respawn Time
    180 minutes
  • Type
    • Monster
    • Boss
  • Spawns


Pahwang Armor
Great Regent Diamond
Rough Regent Diamond
Great Diamond
Instant Vitality Increaser
400 Human Shoes
Lv400 Human's Hi-Meta shield
TomaHawk-MK3 Recipe
400 Bulkan Helmet
400 Bulkan Armor
400 Bulkan Legs
400 Bulkan Shoes
400 Kai Helmet
400 Kai Armor
400 Kai Legs
400 Kai Shoes
400 Human Helmet
400 Human Armor
400 Human Legs
400 Human Shoes
400 Aida Helmet
400 Aida Armor
400 Aida Legs
400 Aida Shoes
400 Hybrid Helmet
400 Hybrid Armor
400 Hybrid Legs
400 Hybrid Shoes
400 Perom Helmet
400 Perom Armor
400 Perom Legs
400 Perom Shoes
Infernium Helmet
Infernium Armor
Infernium Pants
Infernium Boots
Prairie Helmet
Prairie Armor
Prairie Pants
Prairie Boots
Conjure Helmet
Conjure Armor
Conjure Pants
Conjure Boots
Dryad Helmet
Dryad Armor
Dryad Pants
Dryad Boots
Akat Helmet
Akat Armor
Akat Pants
Akat Boots
TYPE03 Mirage Helmet
TYPE03 Mirage Armor
TYPE03 Mirage Pants
TYPE03 Mirage Boots
PS-22 Raptor
Baseball Helmet(Blue)
Baseball Helmet(Gold)
Destroyer Parts Recipe
Drake Hunter(1)
Drake Hunter(2)
Drake Hunter(3)
Drake Hunter(4)
Drake Hunter(5)
Drake Hunter(6)
Drake Hunter(7)
Drake Hunter(8)
Drake Hunter(9)
Drake Hunter(10)
Drake Hunter(11)
Drake Hunter(12)
Drake Hunter(13)
Drake Hunter(14)
Drake Hunter(15)
Drake Hunter(16)
Great Regent Diamond
God Stone
Rough Regent Diamond
Unstable Bright God Stone Recipe
Great Diamond
Instant Vitality Increaser
Generic Stone (400)
Bright God Stone
Regent Diamond
Heimdallrs Axe
Guild Build 1
Guild Build 2
Guild Build 3
Guild Build 4
Guild Build 5
Guild Build 6
Red Ribbon
Blue Ribbon
Green Ribbon
Black Ribbon
White Ribbon
God Stone
Dmitron Pass
Lucky Gift Box
Ancient Sword
Ancient Axe
Ancient Staff
Ancient Gun
Ancient Ring
Ancient Foot
Ancient Leg
Ancient Chest
Ancient Helmet
Ancient Hammer
Ancient Dual Sword
Bulkan 320+15 Armor Box
Kailipton 320+15 Armor Box
Human 320+15 Armor Box
Aidia 320+15 Armor Box
Hybrider 320+15 Armor Box
Perom 320+15 Armor Box
Evolution Bracelet

Need for Mission

Name Level
Mission of Evolution 600 - 650

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