[Big Boss] Voidhound

  • Level
  • Health
  • Damage
  • Armor
  • Damage Reduce
  • Evasion
  • Lime
  • Exp
  • Respawn Time
    4 minutes
  • Type
    • Monster
    • Agressive
    • Boss


God Stone
NineCurve Mystery Stone
Egeha Mystery Stone
Atlantis Mystery Stone
Generic Stone (400)
Generic Stone (500)
Generic Stone (600)
Great Generic Stone
Generic Stone (1050)
Generic Stone (700)
Generic Stone (925)
Generic Stone (800)
Laghaim Boss Pass
Great Turquoise
Juno Mystery Stone
Upgrade Warranty(100%)
Mystery Stone
Pyramid Mystery Stone
[Rare] Fancy Upgrade Gem
[Rare] Fancy Upgrade Booster 40%
[Rare] Fancy Upgrade Booster 60%
Bulkan Wolf Hunting Crown Recipe
Bulkan Wolf Hunting Armor Recipe
Bulkan Wolf Hunting Pants Recipe
Bulkan Wolf Hunting Boots Recipe
Kailipton Wolf Hunting Crown Recipe
Kailipton Wolf Hunting Armor Recipe
Kailipton Wolf Hunting Pants Recipe
Kailipton Wolf Hunting Boots Recipe
Aidia Wolf Hunting Crown Recipe
Aidia Wolf Hunting Armor Recipe
Aidia Wolf Hunting Pants Recipe
Aidia Wolf Hunting Boots Recipe
Human Wolf Hunting Crown Recipe
Human Wolf Hunting Armor Recipe
Human Wolf Hunting Pants Recipe
Human Wolf Hunting Boots Recipe
Hybrider Wolf Hunting Crown Recipe
Hybrider Wolf Hunting Armor Recipe
Hybrider Wolf Hunting Pants Recipe
Hybrider Wolf Hunting Boots Recipe
Perom Wolf Hunting Crown Recipe
Perom Wolf Hunting Armor Recipe
Perom Wolf Hunting Pants Recipe
Perom Wolf Hunting Boots Recipe
[Bulkan]Drachiabolic Helmet Recipe
[Bulkan]Drachiabolic Armor Recipe
[Bulkan]Drachiabolic pants Recipe
[Bulkan]Drachiabolic boots Recipe
[Kailipton]Serpenthydric Helmet Recipe
[Kailipton]Serpenthydric Armor Recipe
[Kailipton]Serpenthydric Pants Recipe
[Kailipton]Serpenthydric Boots Recipe
[Aidia]Luciplatus Helmet Recipe
[Aidia]Luciplatus Armor Recipe
[Aidia]Luciplatus Pants Recipe
[Aidia]Luciplatus Boots Recipe
[Human]Vitaoculus Helmet Recipe
[Human]Vitaoculus Armor Recipe
[Human]Vitaoculus Pants Recipe
[Human]Vitaoculus Boots Recipe
[Hybrider]Argencoulter Helmet Recipe
[Hybrider]Argencoulter Armor Recipe
[Hybrider]Argencoulter Pants Recipe
[Hybrider]Argencoulter Boots Recipe
[Perom]Rublumkancher Helmet Recipe
[Perom]Rublumkancher Armor Recipe
[Perom]Rublem Cancher Pants Recipe
[Perom]Rublem Khancher Boots Recipe
Lv1050 Bulkan Helm Recipe
Lv1050 Bulkan Armor Recipe
Lv1050 Bulkan Pants Recipe
Lv1050 Bulkan Boots Recipe
Lv1050 Kailipton Helm Recipe
Lv1050 Kailipton Armor Recipe
Lv1050 Kailipton Pants Recipe
Lv1050 Kailipton Boots Recipe
Lv1050 Aidia Helm Recipe
Lv1050 Aidia Armor Recipe
Lv1050 Aidia Pants Recipe
Lv1050 Aidia Boots Recipe
Lv1050 Human Helm Recipe
Lv1050 Human Armor Recipe
Lv1050 Human Pants Recipe
Lv1050 Human Boots Recipe
Lv1050 Hybrider Helm Recipe
Lv1050 Hybrider Armor Recipe
Lv1050 Hybrider Pants Recipe
Lv1050 Hybrider Boots Recipe
Lv1050 Perom Helm Recipe
Lv1050 Perom Armor Recipe
Lv1050 Perom Pants Recipe
Lv1050 Perom Boots Recipe
T5 Sub Aidia Recipe
T5 Sub Bulkan Recipe
T5 Sub Kailipton Recipe
T5 Sub Hybrider Recipe
T5 Sub Human Recipe
T5 Sub Perom Recipe
T6 Sub Aidia Recipe
T6 Sub Bulkan Recipe
T6 Sub Kailipton Recipe
T6 Sub Hybrider Recipe
T6 Sub Human Recipe
T6 Sub Perom Recipe
Laghaim Boss Pass
[Rare]Holy Paladin Helm
[Rare]Holy Paladin Armor
[Rare]Holy Paladin Pants
[Rare]Holy Paladin Boots
[Rare]Holy Paladin Wings
[Rare]Holy Paladin Halo Necklace
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Hat
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Top
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Bottoms
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Shoes
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Wings
[Rare]Saint of the Temple Halo Necklace
[Rare]Assassins Helm
[Rare]Assassins Armor
[Rare]Assassins Pants
[Rare]Assassins Boots
[Rare]Assassins Wings
[Rare]Assassins Halo Necklace
[Rare]Battle Nun Veil
[Rare]Battle Nun Top
[Rare]Battle Nun Skirt
[Rare]Battle Nun Boots
[Rare]Battle Nuns Gauntlets
[Rare]Battle Nuns Halo Necklace

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