Human Bargirl Shop

Items (41)

T5 Grindstone 
T5 Flute Cleaner 
T5 Part Battery (90) 
T5 Stone Refiner 
T5 Rocket Set 
T5 Wand Charger 
Doomblade Grindstone 
Archaic Glast Grindstone 
Chakuram Grindstone(1000) 
Chakuram Grindstone(500) 
Soulbreaker Part Battery (90) 
Heremonic Part Battery (90) 
Hydride battery (80) 
Hydride battery (40) 
Hellish Torment Mine Set 
Blunderbuss Rocket Set 
T-8 Captio Mine Set 
T-8 Armageddon Rocket Set 
Mini Rocket 
Nuclear Missile 
Mini Mine Set 
Mini Mine 
Laser Capsule Set 
Laser Capsule 
Flame Capsule Set 
Flame Capsule 
Charging Shell Set 
Charging Shell 
Atomic Flight Device 
Normal Hyper Capsule 
Assembly Kit 
Processor Kit 
Gem Cutting Kit 
T6 Wand Charger 
T6 Rocket Set 
T6 Stone Refiner 
T6 Part Battery (90) 
T6 Flute Cleaner 
T6 Grindstone 

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