Kailipton Armory Shopkeeper

Items (37)

Book (1~4) 
Red Book(1~4) 
DoT Damage Lv.1 
Paralysis Lv.5 
Confusion Lv.1 
Blackhole Lv.1 
Cold Lv.6 
Stunlock Lv.2 
Protection Lv.4 
Wand charger Lv.1 
Wand charger Lv.2 
Wand charger Lv.3 
Wand charger Lv.4 
Dim Mystice Wand Charger 
Spellbinder Wand Charger 
Flour Refiner 
Enseild Cobra Stone Refiner 
Stormcaller Stone Refiner 
Flute Cleaner 
Shadow Flute Cleaner 
Faithkeeper Violin Cleaner 
Death Flower 
Cactus flower 
Hyacinth flower 
White Tiger Summon Stone 
Chmero Summon Stone 
Jackal Summon Stone 
Devil Summon Stone 
Shadow Summon Stone 
Dra Summon Stone 
Airen Summon Stone 
Winter Knight Summon Stone 
Tantalos Summon Stone 
Elite Saith Serpent Summon Stone 
Shadow Clanking Revenant Summon Stone 
Spartoi Summon Stone 
T5 Sub Aidia Summon Stone 

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