Special quests test Bellion 11th.

  • Level
    260 - 260
  • World
  • The goal: to rescue trapped in Human Scout Deckadun 2.

    Location: Deckadun

    Quest reward: one free redistribution chance.

    Conditions: Necklace of Vitality

    Ring of Vitality

    ±×°Í¿¡ °¡¼­ ±¸ÃâÇÏ·Á¸é »ý¸íÀÇ ¾×¼¼¼­¸® ¼¼Æ®¶õ Ư¼öÇÑ �

Need to Kill

Name Level Amount
Unknown npc 0 0
Unknown npc 0 0
Unknown npc 0 0


Salamander Rune Stone

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