Quest extra skill.

Please remove the cursed dragon armor. Dragon is so hard barrier properties of sturgeon sikilsu neutralize many striking skills and concentrate your attacks Including hard barrier convert bracelet prepare in advance hasineunge It may be good. Please complete the missions grant you the ability lengthening the duration time of the second attack on the ancient skill of the Rings We will. This ability is an explosion of anger, penetration, evil thoughts of a storm, please note that only apply to Land's blessing

  • Level
    221 - 300
  • World
  • Description: Kill Cursed Iron Dragon.

    Location: Pharos

    Prizes Quest: Ancient Ring (speed of the skill increased by 20%).

    After The mission can not get it anymore.

    The mission to increase options. You must complete the mission Ancient Ring

Need to Kill

Name Level Amount
Unknown npc 0 0
Kailipton Weapon seller 0 0


Unknown Item

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