Special quests increase electrical resistance.

I know that many are suffering ln Ferran updated by a bolt strikes. Typical neo programs tied the shock Lynch found this cursed while using bolt strike Please attention. We are happy to grant you the ability to give help to bolt strike on the ancient ring Giving us the ability, though not much, but you can get with resistance from other items It would be very helpful if you continue to circumstance combined. Monster Lynch, please remember that the same shock to many of the most dangerous pincer it coming!

  • Level
    171 - 220
  • World
  • Description: Kill Cursed Shock Rinch.

    Location: Sea Roost

    Prizes Quest: Ancient Ring (5% lightning resistance).

    After The mission can not get it anymore.

    The mission to increase options. You must complete the mission Ancient Ring

Need to Kill

Name Level Amount
Unknown npc 0 0
Unknown npc 0 0


Unknown Item

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