Special quests great power.

In the center of our centers are Also grant new powers to the ancient ring and you are in possession. Please complete this mission we provide the ability to give a little bit to improve your ability to attack I promise. But do not forget. When you complete a mission, you have to stay and be sure to wear the ancient ring. Count attack occurs, even if the probability of an ancient ring did not insert the hearthstone the weapon.

  • Level
    171 - 220
  • World
  • Description: Kill Cursed Descon Wolf.

    Location: Sea Roost

    Prizes Quest: Ancient Ring (5% chance to attack back).

    After The mission can not get it anymore.

    The mission to increase options. You must complete the mission Ancient Ring

Need to Kill

Name Level Amount
Unknown npc 0 0
Grem 45 0


Unknown Item

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