Special quests about the existence of an ancient R

We succeeded to provide information on the ancient ring which is thought gyesindago you are looking for. Surprisingly, it seems that the ancient ring has repteo Lloyd are hitting the most frequently encountered in Shah nylon. Please defeat the king repteo Lloyd Get in the ring also means that from ancient times Note also that it is an ancient ring will pocket more than five options. Now seotgi options beyond the five rings of the ancient times because of the place you pick the options you require I recommend it.

  • Level
    171 - 220
  • World
  • Description: Kill Cursed Raptoroid

    Location: Shilon

    Prizes Quest: Ancient Ring.

    After The mission can not get it anymore.

    Ancient Ring can be used to level 220.

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Need to Kill

Name Level Amount
Grem 45 0
Skeleton Soldier 75 0


Ancient Ring Lv.3

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