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During the horns of the Dhaka-based fist that big is also in possession of the leadership of the Cabal tossed from the ring sealants ln page. According to our investigation got cursed by the statue of issues Miquelon program tied with the more unusual such behavior This possibility came out higher conclusion. Please find the monster who kills a curse among the horns fists in Dhaka. It will have the rings they were paid a bonus to you.

  • Level
    75 - 85
  • World
  • Description: Kill Cursed Horn Fist Kabal.

    Location: Deckadun

    Quest Reward: Ring of Zeus lv. 4 (a rise of 8 points).

    After The mission can not get it anymore.

    Rings have been able to use it until level 90.

Need to Kill

Name Level Amount
Unknown npc 0 0
Unknown npc 0 0


Unknown Item

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