Special quests chain of life.

I was born exactly remember, but I heard that the guy carrying the necklace of the life of the Cartesian Di to listen to the old monster. Well, it's slow - ahjen and is not necessary because there is no work related to compensation if I give you a look once if you are interested.

  • Level
    26 - 30
  • Exp
  • World
  • Description: Defeat the monsters there.

    Location: Decardi

    Quest reward: Necklace of Vitality lv. 3 (Life increased by 50 points).

    After The mission can not get it anymore.

    Necklace awards received Can be used until the level level 40?

Need to Kill

Name Level Amount
Hell Cobra 25 50
Oniam 35 5
Pro Giant 50 2


Unknown Item

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