A New Hero

  • Level
    500 - 9999
  • Info
    A Hero Necklace needs a hero player.
    Kill every boss twice.
  • Can repeat
  • Timelimit
    2 weeks
  • Mode
    Single player


13 Kill: [S4 KING] Amden Orc (Lv1000) x2
12 Kill: [World Boss] Dark Dragon (Lv370) x2
11 Kill: [World Boss] Endemic Demon (Lv400) x2
10 Kill: [World Boss] Jumping Tobido (Lv370) x2
9 Kill: [World Boss] Giant (Lv370) x2
8 Kill: [World Boss] Brainwashed Corpse (Lv370) x2
7 Kill: [World Boss] Skeleton Hunter (Lv370) x2
6 Kill: [World Boss] Patriarch Botis (Lv370) x2
5 Kill: [World Boss] Baal (Lv350) x2
4 Kill: [World Boss] Dragon (Lv220) x2
3 Kill: Soul Reaper (Lv206) x2
2 Kill: [World Boss] Elite Basilisk (Lv390) x2
1 Kill: [World Boss] Heresy Assistant (Lv650) x2
0 Kill: LegKnock (Lv350) x2


Name Rate Who Time
Necklace of the Gods 100% Everyone

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