Help Mission

  • Level
    513 - 538
  • Info
    We know it wasn't easy to get here
    so let's help you get
    your 500 Weapon faster.
  • Can repeat
  • Timelimit
  • Mode
    Single player


0 Kill: [S4] Khan (Lv600) x50
1 Kill: [S4] Extremely Drarion (Lv609) x50
2 Kill: [S4] Kisare (Lv618) x50
3 Kill: [S4] Sicrin (Lv627) x50
4 Kill: [S4] Sharklord (Lv636) x50
5 Kill: [S4] Beradin (Lv645) x50
6 Kill: [S4] Brute (Lv654) x50
7 Kill: [S4] Lion Cutter (Lv663) x50
8 Kill: [S4] Guardian (Lv672) x50
9 Kill: [S4] Areglse (Lv681) x50


Name Rate Who Time
400 to 500 Exchange Token 100% Everyone

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