[World Boss] Heresy Assistant III

  • Level
    438 - 513
  • Info
    There are rumors that the
    [World Boss] Heresy Assistant hides
    very powerful armor.
    But to get to him first you have to
    get past his guards.
  • Can repeat
    Every 3 days
  • Timelimit
    2 hours


4 Kill: [LHGN] Skeleton Soldier (Lv770) x1
3 Kill: [LHGN] Xpier Kabal (Lv780) x1
2 Kill: [LHGN] Hammer Kabal (Lv795) x1
1 Kill: [LHGN] X-Kabal (Lv775) x1
0 Kill: [LHGN] Skeleton Wizard (Lv760) x1


Name Rate Who Time
Ancient Stoned Foot 100% Everyone

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