Kill the Boss of [LHGN]Ice Collector

  • Level
    413 - 438
  • Info
    The great Boss of the [LHGN]Ice Collector
    hides in the ruins of S3.
    He will appear when a brave warrior
    is destroying your monsters.
    Kill the [LHGN]Ice Collector until
    the Boss appears.
  • Can repeat
    Every 24 hours
  • Timelimit
    12 hours
  • Exp
    Normal: 24,355,600,000
    Hardcore: 365,334,000,000


1 Kill: Boss of Ice Collector (Lv500) x1
0 Kill: [LHGN] Ice Collector (Lv500) Until Boss of Ice Collector (Lv500) spawns


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